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The Ovation Difference

Key Benefits to Streamline Business Operations

Ovation Salon Suites provides a range of services geared towards giving our clients and their businesses a competitive advantage in the industry. From state-of-the-art equipment to complimentary marketing tools through the Ovation smartphone app, we aim to provide you with every benefit possible so that your business will thrive. Click on each item below to learn more about the Ovation Salon Suites difference.

Custom-Made Salon Equipment

We spare no expense on equipment. All the equipment we provide is custom made for Ovation Salon Suites, is made right here in the USA and is the highest quality equipment on the market. The salon chairs are custom made using a graphite type fabric so clients do not sweat when sitting for long periods of time during a service. This is ideal for Texas weather and is significantly more comfortable for clients.

Ovation smartphone APP

All Ovation professionals have access to use the Ovation Salon Suites smartphone app. This app has a wide range of functionality - from allowing our professionals to utilize a free appointment booking tool to helping them build a website for their business.


All our locations have 24/7 security monitoring, sophisticated access control systems, and remote connectivity to all major property functions (HVAC, Cameras, door locks, access control, and laundry facilities) via our app.

Premier Locations

When it comes to site selection we strive to select locations that have very strong demographics - high household income, high daytime population, strong population density, and high household value. All our locations are within Class A retail centers with abundant parking. Each location is in VERY high traffic areas that are easy to locate and incredibly accessible for clients. Our location selection is one of the key factors to our success as a brand.

On-site Management

We have managers on site at each location. Our managers' primary role is to ensure each professional at Ovation has the best experience possible while operating their business and serving their clientele. Many other salon suite brands have a “manager” that is also someone who leases a suite. We’re very different. Our managers are highly trained, full time employees of Ovation Salon Suites who are responsible for the successful operation of the physical space, while also creating a community in which beauty professionals can build relationships, express their creativity and flourish financially.


Commitment to our professionals is paramount at Ovation. Our managers are trained to respond to each and every outreach from an Ovation professional in the most timely manner. We fully understand that our professionals depend on us to deliver and maintain the space in which they create their livelihood. As such, we go above and beyond to rectify any property issues immediately. All our professionals have a direct line of communication to the designated property manager - can be in-person, call/text or email.

Cleanliness & ambience

One of our most common compliments as a brand is the cleanliness of our salons. We have a professional cleaning team that cleans each Ovation location 7 nights per week. Our attention to detail within the salons and our commitment to cleanliness is unmatched in the industry.

In addition to cleanliness, we’re very in tune with how professionals and their clients feel when inside any Ovation location. We use all daytime LED lighting throughout our facilities, have luxurious lobbies and furniture throughout the space, have music in the hallways and common areas playing at an appropriate volume (as to not be heard when inside any suite), contemporary artwork throughout the space and aim to allow as much natural light as possible throughout the entire salon. All our restrooms are completely private “rooms”, adding to the high end experience expected from our professionals’ clientele.

Ease of Access

All our locations are completely keyless - YAY! No forgetting your keys and being locked out of your suite! All Ovation professionals have 24/7 access to the salon, allowing ultimate flexibility in their scheduling. All suites have a keypad lock on the door. A 4 digit code that is provided by the professional is set on the keypad. Under this “ease of use” umbrella is also our commitment to current technology. We can control all major functions of the location from a smart phone or laptop. This means that when an Ovation professional has a request the managers can take immediate action.
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Make Your Client's Experience Truly Unforgettable

Best-in-Class Salon Suite Rental

You’ll be right at home at Ovation Salon Suites where you’ll find a secure, comfortable and affordable location for your independent beauty business. Ovation Salon Suites are professionally managed, cleaned and maintained. After walking through our doors, you are ready for work – any time, day or night. Get started right away!
Whether you’re a hair stylist, nail specialist, aesthetician, or other salon professional, you'll have everything you need to open for business. All our fixtures are made in Texas by Kaemark. Each suite offers the following individual features:
  • Styling chair
  • Work station with mirror
  • Shampoo bowl & chair | sink
  • Custom cabinet layout
  • Towel storage cabinet
  • 10-foot ceilings
  • Full window doors with private keypad lock (no more lockouts)
  • On-site laundry facility with multiple washers & dryers
  • FREE WiFi
In addition, all utilities are provided, including electric, water, gas and wireless internet. Each suite is private and lockable with a touchpad lock. Hallway seating is provided for your clients. Also, common washers/dryers, a break room, and unisex bathrooms are available.
Ovation Salon Suites range in size from 90 square feet up to 450 square feet (availability varies by location). Prices range accordingly. Single, double, triple and quad rooms are available.
At Ovation Salon Suites, we believe that your salon should reflect your personal touch, as well as a professional image. That means each of our elegantly equipped rooms can be customized with your choice of decor. After all, it’s your clients who are using it. And if you need to expand your space, we’ll do everything we can to make it happen!
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Our Locations

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Park Lane

9100 N. Central Expy. Suite #190, Dallas, TX 75231
at Park Lane & 75
(214) 444-6524
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7324 Gaston Ave. Suite #300, Dallas, TX 75214
at corner of Gaston & Grand Avenue
(214) 444-6524
View Location

Preston Road

17194 Preston Rd. Suite #151, Dallas, TX 75248
in North Dallas on the corner of Preston & Campbell Roads
(214) 444-6524
View Location

Galleria DFW

5203 Alpha Rd. Suite #100, Dallas, TX 75240
on Alpha Road, north of Galleria Mall
(214) 444-6524
View Location


314 Grapevine Hwy. Suite C, Hurst, TX 76054
on Colleyville Blvd next to Sprouts
(972) 880-7190
View Location
Ovation Salon Suites are premier, high end salon suites in DFW. Ovation Salon Suites rentals are perfect for Cosmetologists, Hair Stylists, Estheticians, Aesthetic Medicine, Massage Therapists, Spray Tanning, Lash Technicians and any other specialty beauty service providers......START WORKING FOR YOURSELF TODAY!
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