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How to Choose the Right Salon Suite Rental for You

December 4, 2022
  1. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION: Look for a salon suite that is in a high-traffic area, with good visibility and easy access for clients. Equally as important, be sure to choose a salon suite location that is close to the location where you currently service your clients. For instance, if your current salon is 30 minutes away from the salon suite location you like, it’s highly likely that many of your clients will not want to drive the added distance. In turn, you may lose a significant amount of your client base. We’ve learned that moving no more than 10 -15 minutes away from your current location reduces your risk of losing your clients.
  2. Amenities: Almost all salon suite brands offer different types of amenities with your suite. Make sure the salon suite includes the necessary amenities for your business, such as a shampoo bowl, styling chair, and sink. Additionally, you’ll want to learn about cleanliness, security, hours of operation and access.
  3. Size: Salon suites are built in different shapes and sizes. Consider the size of the salon suite and how it will accommodate your business needs. Do you service more than one client simultaneously? If so, be sure to find a suite that will comfortably fit two stylist chairs, mirrors, etc.
  4. Rent and Lease Terms: All salon suite brands have different lease terms and rate structures. Some salon suites require a one-year lease while some have month-to-month options. We’ve learned that salon suites that offer short term rentals typically have a much higher turnover, as such, the suites and the equipment therein have much more wear and tear. Review the rent and lease terms carefully, and make sure you understand the terms and conditions before signing a lease.
  5. Reputation of the salon suite: Look up the reviews of the salon suite you're considering and see if it's known for any issue like high noise level, leaks or poor air quality.
  6. Compare the costs: Remember, you get what you pay for! Compare the costs of different salon suites in the area to ensure you're getting a fair deal. If there are two salons very close to one another with significant price differences then we encourage you to visit both in person. Review the size of each suite, compare amenities offered, explore the ambiance and cleanliness. We encourage you to ASK - why is this suite more than the one across the street for the same size room? Give the manager an opportunity to share their competitive advantage.
  7. Inquire about the rules and regulations of the salon: Can you customize your suite? Are you allowed to paint? Can you bring your dog to work with you? Can I access my suite 24/7? Make sure the rules of the salon brand align with your goals, vision and business operation.
  8. Leasing “Specials” or “Incentives”: Almost all salon suite brands offer move-in specials for new tenants. This typically takes the form of a short period of discounted rent or a specific number of free weeks. Our advice: do NOT select a salon suite location solely because they are offering a great incentive. These incentives are a one-time only deal - they do not repeat annually. Since you’re choosing a home for your business, it’s likely that you’ll be there for more than 1 year. Think long term, don’t let a few free weeks of rent be the deciding factor in an important, long term decision.
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